FMP journal 26

FMP reflective journal

Monday 1/5/17

Today I have been trying to work towards coming up with ideas for my final piece. I know I want my final piece to encompass some sort of abstract pattern creating through the technique of writing and layering as I have experimented with throughout my project, but I wasn’t sure of what I wanted this pattern to be on or how I wanted to present this as a final outcome. I went to Pinterest for inspiration and found some piece that interested me.

I really liked this style of hanging a number of pieces of fabric in this way. I think it is simple but really effective. I also think that doing this shows how beautiful each piece of fabric is but also as a whole all pieces together work really nicely as a final outcome. This inspired me to think that a good way to present my patterns is on fabric hanging in this way. I think this would really tie in with my project well as I have looked at a range of textiles artists but I also like how hanging in this way gives more of a 3D feel to the work rather than it being flat against the surface. 

I then began looking into ways I could create some textiles pieces like this and I thought screen printing would be the best way to get an accurate and detailed pattern. So I researched more into screen printing processes and how I could do this from home as we don’t have the facilities for it at college and doing it at home would enable me to spend more time on it. 

I found a video on YouTube where a girl spoke about how to do screen printing from home including creating the screen. This was really useful as she explained it in a really simple way at the same time as demonstrating how it’s done. This helped me to realise that it’s something that I could realistically do myself.

She also attached a PDF document to the video explaining in even more detail how to do it with diagrams and including lists of what equipment and products are needed.

I found this research really helpful to give me more of a clear idea of what I will be working towards. I am going to start experimenting with print processes and eventually move onto screen printing for my final piece.