FMP journal 31

FMP reflective journal

Wednesday 10/5/17

Today I spoke to Gemma about my project and she looked through my sketchbooks.

She gave me advice of the last few remaining methods I should try out before I then go on to developing my final piece. We spoke about trying out and testing on different materials with prints before I decide on for my final piece. This was really useful for me to now know what I should be focusing on and to really push me to focus now on getting everything done before I can do my final piece.

I then did some experimentation with wire going back to link with my Miriam Londono research. I did this to experiment with 3D processes like the artist does, to add another element to my research and experimentation. 

I did some writing from the poem with the wire. I found this technique very time consuming and difficult but I liked the effect of it. I would now like to use this to take some photos creating shadows with the wire in a similar way to how the artist works, as I think this could be interesting. I think a 3D element in my exhibition could help to add more interest and a different element to my work.