FMP journal 31

FMP reflective journal

Wednesday 10/5/17

Today I spoke to Gemma about my project and she looked through my sketchbooks.

She gave me advice of the last few remaining methods I should try out before I then go on to developing my final piece. We spoke about trying out and testing on different materials with prints before I decide on for my final piece. This was really useful for me to now know what I should be focusing on and to really push me to focus now on getting everything done before I can do my final piece.

I then did some experimentation with wire going back to link with my Miriam Londono research. I did this to experiment with 3D processes like the artist does, to add another element to my research and experimentation. 

I did some writing from the poem with the wire. I found this technique very time consuming and difficult but I liked the effect of it. I would now like to use this to take some photos creating shadows with the wire in a similar way to how the artist works, as I think this could be interesting. I think a 3D element in my exhibition could help to add more interest and a different element to my work. 


FMP journal 6

FMP reflective journal

Tuesday 21/03/17

Today I have been continuing with my research. I analysed the primary research I collected yesterday by looking at how people write and the different styles people have adopted. 

This was really useful because I found that there were lots of different elements that people include in the handwriting styles. Some people are a lot more artistic in their writing and add a lot of extra elements such a curved lines, italics and extra joining lines. On the other hand some people purely write for the purpose and don’t think too much about the appearance. This has helped to reassure me that handwriting is an art form because everyone has a different style and people can really express who they are through their handwriting. It also made me realise how personal handwriting is because it can be used to help identify someone and when looking at my primary research I instantly knew who had written a couple of the responses because they are my friends I know well. Handwriting is really unique for each person, kind of like a fingerprint and can serve as part of someone’s identity through expressing someone’s character. I am happy that I did this primary research because it has really helped to add some depth to my project as I have really analysed the style of people’s handwriting. I think once I repeat this focusing on how age can affect handwriting this will add even more to my primary research. 

We also had a group discussion with my tutor group where we all explained where we were up to with our projects. This was interesting to find out the areas other people are looking into. 

I then began to present some of my secondary research for my first artist; Maria Wigley. She is an artist who primarily works in stitch who is interested in the similarities between handwriting and drawing which is what attracted her work to me. She uses photography combined with writing to express memories of places which is something that has interested me into possibly experimenting with. I also really like her print work she does which uses writing in a much more expressive way which creates abstract pattern which is something I want to eventually move my project into. 

I now plan to work in the style of this artist by experimenting with writing with stitch with normal fabric as well as soluble fabric. As I think this will help me to decide the area I want my project to focus on in relation to the techniques I use for my work.