FMP journal 32

FMP reflective journal

Thursday 11/5/17

Today I went into college to use some of the printing facilities for more experimentation. I wanted to try out different surfaces to print on before I definitely decided on what to use in my final piece, this would ensure my final outcome is the best it can be.

Using the same screen I had previously used in experimentation with this process, this time I printed onto a sheer fabric.

I really liked the effect of this and how the print became slightly faded making it harder to read. I think this would be interesting to try out alongside the technique of layering writing to make the writing become even more illegible. I also liked how when the fabric hung and folded other parts of the writing could be seen through the fabric.

I then experimented on canvas which I thought gave a nice textural effect to the print. However I don’t think this material would fit in well with my project as I think I like the effect of hanging fabrics and this wouldn’t necessarily work as well.

To experiment further I layered the sheet fabric on top of the canvas print which I thought was really effective. I liked the combination of the two and how it created a really interesting layered effect. This could be something I consider for part of my final piece possibly including it in a collage of some sort.

I then worked on another fabric similar to calico which did give a nice effect but some of the ink ran and smudged a little.

I also experimented on tissue paper as I thought this could be interesting for a similar see through effect of the sheer fabric. However it was much to delicate as when I pulled the screen off part of the paper ripped. This is a surface I don’t think I will re-use in my final piece.

Finally I tried another sheer fabric which again gave another really nice effect.

This time I also tried a bit of layering which worked well on this surface. I think that using a couple of pieces of sheer fabric in my exhibition alongside a more dense fabric such as cotton would provide a nice contrast and add a lot more interest to my work.

I found this experimentation really useful as I now know which surfaces work best with print so I can decide on what I will use in my final piece.


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