FMP journal 28

FMP reflective journal

Wednesday 3/5/17

Today we were given a demonstration on screen printing.

We used cavas frames, screen mesh, duct tape, screen filler and screen drawing fluid to create the screens. 

First we stapled the screen mesh to the frame ensuring that there was a lot of tension. Then we sealed this using duct tape. 

We then drew on the screen drawing fluid using a paint brush for the design we wanted, letting it to dry after. 

Once it was dry we covered the screen with screen filler using only a small amount and a card to spread it out. Once this was dry we washed away the blue screen drawing fluid leaving the design on the screen. 

The screens are now ready to be used for printing which we are going to do next week. 

I found this extremely useful as it is a technique I have already researched into to use in my final piece. However using these chemicals are a cheaper alternative than using the photo synthesiser I have seen which is something I will think about. It was also a good way for my to practise the screen production before I go into doing it for the final outcome.


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