FMP journal 27

FMP reflective journal

Tuesday 2/5/17

Today I started my second sketchbook which is going to be filled with experimentations, plans and workings for my final outcome of the project. 

From all of the research I have collected so far and documented in my other sketchbook I will now start to pull together ideas, concepts and techniques to allow me to create a high quality final outcome. The experimentation in this sketchbook will be much more refined as I know what I am aiming to create and I am trying to develop my own personal style. To begin with I decided to look at my research so far and pull out the areas I was most happy with and think are the most successful. By doing this I hoped to be able to work towards deciding how I could bring them all together in a final outcome, potentially combining methods. 

From my research my favourite pieces were the ones I did working in the style of the artist Simon Hantai. This was because I really like the effect of the layering up of writing and how this has an affect on the legibility and abstract nature of the work. I particularly like the colours I used in these pieces, I always want my work to bold in colour and I like to use bright tones but I also think the addition of black details helps to bring it all together. I hope to use this style in my final outcome by layering writing issuing bold and bright colour.

During my research on Maria Wigley I enjoyed using free machine embroidery to create writing using stitch. I think this adds texture and detail to the written pieces which is a nice addition. I think I could use this in my final piece to add more detail. 

I also really liked her pieces where she screen printed writing onto silk scarves. This has inspired me in my own ambition to create a series of printed fabrics inspired by handwriting. I could also try combing this with the stitch technique.

I was pleased with how my cyanotype experimentation I did. I like how the white writing really stands out against the blue background. This has inspired my idea for my final outcome because I really want the writing to stand out in this way in my prints. I could do this by using white ink on a coloured fabric. 

I then explained how I want to try and bring all of these together for my final outcome, through lots of experimentation. I want my pieces of textiles to work as abstract pieces of art singularly as well as collectively together. My main concept is to create textiles that portray writing as a genuine form of art and abstract pattern. Therefore the writing wil not be able to be read fully allowing the reader/viewer to see my work and make their own meaning.

Later today I went and did some prints for my experimentation. 

I did monoprints working from the poem again.

Originally I wrote it out on tracing paper and flipped it writing over it to make sure that the writing was the correct way round since monoprinting created the design flipped. However this technique was extremely difficult attempting to write backwards which made the work a lot less expressive as I had to concentrate quite a lot. 

The result of this was that the writing still wasn’t very neat and not the effect I was looking for.

Therefore I tried writing normally giving the effect of flipped writing which I actually preferred. I think this worked much better because the writing was much more natural and flowing giving a nicer, neater effect. For this one I also found that the writing came out much more defined and I think this was because the ink was left to dry a bit longer.

I experimented with different coloured inks and I found that some worked better than others. I think for the bottom picture the ink was too wet which is why the writing wasn’t as defined.

I also experimented with coloured paper.

These ones came out well I used a fine liner for these which I think helped with the defined outcome.

I also liked these ones with the combination of bright pink and black.

I found this experimentation really useful and I was happy with some of the outcomes. I think I will use these prints in some collage work I want to do.


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