FMP journal 20

FMP reflective journal

Monday 17/04/17

Today I carried on with some more artist research. Firstly I did a couple of pages on Cy Twombly as he is an abstract artist. He creates many big painting which use mark making in a scribble-like technique much like what I have been practising with so far. Writing and language serve as major conceptual foundations for his abstract art. In addition to the written word in the form of poems and histories he also focused on the process of writing. He did this by sketching unidentifiable doodles as well as words directly onto the canvas. He also did a lot of line based compositions often inspired by handwriting. 

When in Scotland there was a book called ‘Art and Text’ in one of the galleries I visited and I came across his work in there which inspired me to research gym more.

His work has inspired me to create much bigger and more expressive pieces for this project and I really like how he uses a lot of continuous lines in his work which is also something I enjoy doing.

The next artist I went on to study today was Jackson Pollock, again because he is a very abstract artist which is how I am trying to push my project. My favourite pieces he did was his ‘drip paintings’ because it gives his work such a free sense much like some of the work I did previously on asemic writing. To create them he either put the canvas on the floor or against a wall and he would allow the paint to drip from the paint can and instead of using paint brushes he used knives to carve marks. This form of painting had direct relation to the artists emotions, expressions and mood as this influenced how he would allow the paint to drop. I really like this element as I think work which is somehow left to chance gives so much more meaning and is much more interesting to look at. 

I really like his work and how abstract it is because this leaves the work mainly up to interpretation for the audience which is something I hope to achieve. I would like to experiment with this dripping style in my own work possible trying it with writing as I think this could be an interesting method. I also really like his use of bold colour. 

By studying these two artists I have realised that I really want my project to be abstract in some way. I want it to still vaguely look like writing and still have a sense of being written words, however I want them to have a strong element of mark making and abstract expression as this is what I find most visually stimulating for myself. 


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