FMP journal 18

FMP reflective journal

Saturday 15/04/17

Another artist research I have done is on Simon Hantai who is a French artist. 

He created a canvas over the period of a year and he wrote and rewrote texts that were dear to him, day after day on the huge canvas. He superimposed and layered the texts until they were illegible, using inks of different colours which created the pink colour that appears mostly. I wanted to study his work because I liked how he uses a lot of layering of writing which makes the writing become illegible lines and scribbles similar to what I have been experimenting with so far. I was also attracted to his use of colour as this is something that is really important to me in my own work so I want this to be prominent in my own work. 

I experimented in the same style as this artist. For this piece I wrote out the poem I have been using throughout my project being very expressive with the writing and layering up the writing over and over. I also used a range of different colours of marker pens to create this piece which I think was a successful technique as it gives the work much more of an artistic feel. I am happy with how this piece turned out overall and I think I will experiment further with this styles possibly trying with more colours, scales and materials. 

I then experimented with layering in a different way through the use of tracing paper to give an extra layer of writing. I firstly did a piece of writing in a similar style as before straight onto the page using black pen, and coloured markers. I then did another piece of writing on a piece of tracing paper using black marker and different coloured markers. I think this layered affect was a good experiment and gave a good effect. I like how some of the text is visible underneath through the tracing paper which gives the piece more depth. I also think this technique helps to make the writing much more illegible which is the effect I am looking for.

More experimentation

I would also like to experiment with this on big a piece by doing pieces of writing each day in a similar style to how the artist worked as I think this would be interesting to experiment with.


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