FMP journal 17

FMP reflective journal

Friday 14/04/17

Leading on from my work looking at asemic writing and studying abstract art in this way I was more interested in how the viewers play a part in making the meaning. In the definition of asemic writing is says that the reader is left to make their own interpretation of the text and decided what it means to them, therefore they become part of the creation of the meaning of the work. I wanted to investigate this further and how the viewer has such an important role in the meaning of work. When researching into this more I found a piece of writing by Roland Barthes- The Death of the Author. 

Roland Barthes is a French literary critic and theorist and in his essay he argues against the method of reading andcriticises aspects of the authors identity- their political views, religion, psychology to define an ‘explanation’ of the text is flawed. He says “to give a text an author” and assign a single interpretation to it “is to impose a limit on that text.” He argues that readers must separate a literary work from its creator in order to liberate the text from strict interpretation. The essential meaning of a work according to Roland Barthes depends on the impressions of the reader, rather than the passions and tastes of the writer. “A texts unity lies not in its origins” or it’s creator, “but in its destination” in other words it’s audience. He says that the author exists to produce but not to explain the work and therefore once the work is finished this becomes the death of the author and the birth of the reader. 

I really found reading this text insightful and I think it is an interesting concept. This has inspired me because within the creation of my work I want the audience to be able to individually interpret my work. I think this makes the art much more interesting if there is the opportunity for there to be many different meanings. By including this reading in my work I think it has added much more depth to my project because it shows there is much more conceptual thinking behind my ideas. 


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