FMP journal 19

FMP reflective journal

Sunday 16/04/17

Continuing with my experimentation with layering I have done some more artist research. This time I have looked at Idris Khan. 

He uses a lot of layered imagery through photography and drawing. He manipulates his photographs digitally giving them quite an eery and ghostly sense. Alongside his photography he also does a lot of work on layering up pieces of writing. He works a lot in black and white which is something I will experiment with as I often use a lot of colour. His works are a continuous process of creation and erasure, adding new layers whilst still retaining the traces of what has gone before. He is well known for his large scale works which techniques of layering are used to arrive at what might be considered the essence of an image and to create something entirely new through repetition. 

I like the fact the his works are created through erasing what he has done before and then working on top of this. I think this technique adds a really interesting element of a sense of history of what used to be present and only the faint remains can be viewed. I think this would be interesting for me to experiment with with my handwriting pieces. 

I firstly experimented by writing out the poem using black charcoal onto paper. I wrote out the poem three times in total and after each time I rubbed out the writing with my hands leaving only a faint remnants of writing. 

I then experimented again with chalk on black paper in the same technique. 

I finally experimented with coloured pastels.

Through this experimentation I found writing in this media quite difficult. It was quite hard to get a real sense of writing and words using chalk, pastel and charcoal and although I want my work to be abstract and not necessarily legible, I found this technique made the writing just messy marks. I prefer the effect of writing when it’s in a continuous line style and the words flow into each other and this was quite hard to achieve using this media. I like how the rubbing out of the words gives a slight ghostly sense to the pieces and these pieces are much more subtle than some of my other pieces. However I think I prefer the effect of bold pieces, where the writing flows much more creating a much more visually pleasing pattern/effect in my opinion. This technique was a good way for me to experiment and it was useful in helping me to realise what sort of style I think I prefer however I don’t think I will be using this media again in this project as I am not as happy with this outcome as I have been with other pieces of my work. I may try the rubbing out technique again using medias such as pencil and oil pastel as I still find this technique really interesting. 


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