FMP journal 16

FMP reflective journal

Wednesday 12/04/17

Today I visited a gallery whilst I’m on a trip to Scotland called Dundee Contemporary Arts. There was an exhibition Mark Wallinger Mark by Turner prize winner Mark Wallinger.

The part of the exhibition I was most interested with was the id Paintings. They are the record of actions that appear to be intuitive and instinctive echoing the primal and impulsive characteristics of the id. The id is an idea put forward by pyschoanalist Freud who said that the id is driven by the pleasure principle and is the source of all psychic energy. The large paintings have come from Wallingers self portrait series and they reference his own body. His height and arm span is the basis of the canvas size. He used symmetrical bodily gestures on the two halves of the canvas to mirror one another. This gives the paintings a sense of the Rorschach test which is another link to psychology. The Rorschach test is a technique used by psychologists where someone is given a collection of ink blots and asked to say what they see/how they interpret it. This is then used and analysed to reveal characteristics of the persons mind. He used great sweeping motions with paint on his hands to create these paintings in an active and free way. There are areas on the paintings where the finger prints are visible recording how it is a reflection of the artist himself. The viewer is allowed to recognise figures and shapes within the paintings and therefore reveals their own desires much like in a Rorschach test. 

I really liked this exhibition and I think it can link to my project quite well. I like how the main objective of the paintings is to allow the viewer to make their own interpretation of what they see and therefore making their own meaning. This is something I am trying to achieve with my own work. I also really like how the paintings are created by free, sweeping motions from the artist therefore creating a painting where the artist isn’t conscious of the final outcome, instead the art reflects in some way a subconscious thought from the artist. 

This has inspired me to be much more free with my work and possibly experiment with working on a larger scale.


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