FMP journal 15

FMP reflective journal

Wednesday 5/04/17

Today I have again moved onto another artist research this time looking at Italian calligrapher Francesca Biasetton. She “is an illustrator who loves the alphabet, but also a calligrapher who loves to draw.” I chose to look at her because she is another artist that uses a lot of asemic writing in her work. She works mainly in black and white but in a very big and expressive manner.

I began by creating black areas on the page using ink and a big brush in a sweeping motion and then worked on top of this in white pen in a continuous line ‘scribbling’ motion to try and recreate some of her work. I also continued the lines with black pen to replicate how the artist works. 

I like the abstract nature of these pieces. 

I then wanted to experiment with a technique I had used before but continuing the theme of black and white from this artist. 

I wrote out the same poem as throughout the project on black paper using white pen and layered the writing on top of each other making the words become marks and lines rather than legible words. I liked the effect of this and I think combined with the contrast of the black and white I think this made the piece quite striking.

I then experimented again with a technique I had used before, transferring it to the black and white technique.

I wrote out the poem twice over in a block of text leaving no spaces between words and lines which is what I had done with a previous artist and really liked the effect of it. I then went over this with expressive mark making with white pen. And I like the minimal effect of this with the black and white and the structured block of text contrasted with the expressive marks. 

I then went on to be a lot more expressive with the marks which is a lot more like how Francesca Biasetton works.

I created large marks and lines with a big brush and black ink and then wrote a small quote of the poem within this in ink.

I liked the experimentation with black and white however I think I prefer art work with a hint of colour as I think this creates a much more effective outcome. However I would like to experiment further with expressive techniques on a much larger scale out of my sketchbook like this artist does, as this will allow me to be much more free with the marks I make. 


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