FMP journal 13


Monday 3/04/17

Today I started my work on an artist linked to my more abstract asemic writing area of research. 

Nancy Crawford is an artist who uses a lot of abstract calligraphy in her work.she focuses a lot on mark making and her work is both legible and illegible. She experiments with layering up of texts/writing and writes with no spaces in between each word or each line creating blocks of text usually in square shapes. 

I wanted to experiment with this kind of technique myself, so I wrote out the same poem I have been using throughout my project I the style of the artist. 

Firstly I drew a square on the page and wrote out the poem twice to fill the square but using no spaces within the writing. To do this I used black ink. I like the effect of not using any spaces because this is a way to take away the sense of reading the words making the work much more artistic and abstract. 

I then experimented with repeating the same quote from the poem over and over in the same style with no spaces. This time I used a black ink pen and I also added a hint of colour with a stroke of red ink. This time I found myself being much more expressive with the writing and letting my hand become a lot more free which I think was successful because it resulted in this piece being a lot more abstract as the words are a lot less legible. I also like how the addition of colour can make the work much more artistic.

I then repeated the exact quote again using the same pen however this time I dipped the pen into black ink on several occasions to add more depth and definition to areas of the writing. I like the effect of this as sometimes the ink smudged but this added a bit more abstract effect to some areas. I then wrote on top of this using red ink to add some colour. 

I finally wrote out the whole poem with bright pink ink using a thick paint brush. By using this brush it was a lot harder to write with and this resulted in the definition of the letters being lost, I liked this for the abstract effect however it made the work quite blocky without much artistic effect. I then wrote a small part of the poem on top in black ink with a smaller brush being much more expressive with long strokes the give more abstract effect.

Overall I was happy with how these pieces turned out and I think I experimented with a few different techniques. I like the effect of writing a piece of text in a block without and spaces as I think this makes the writing become much more like a piece of art rather than a legible text. I also like the effect of the addition of small areas of colour as I think this really helps to give the work a more bold and striking effect. 


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