FMP journal 12

FMP reflective journal

Friday 31/03/17

Today I did the work inspired by how Donna Rumble Smith works. To do this I decided to use soluble fabric to create so lace-like effect with the writing. I used the same poem to inspire the writing as I did before ‘To a Daughter Leaving Home’ by Linda Pastan. 

I stitched my favourite quote from the poem onto the fabric using free machine embroidery making sure all the letters are connected, to ensure it doesn’t all fall apart when the fabric is dissolved. I also added in a few extra lines going across the words to try and give a bit more structure as well as this I stitched the words over a couple of times to give a bit more strength. 

Whilst dissolving the fabric the words seemed to be staying in the structure, however after a while in the water the stitch all became tangled and the definition of each letter went away.

The end result wasn’t particularly successful since the words disappeared when the fabric was dissolved. Although I wanted my work to be a bit more abstract and not legible I don’t think this is the effect I was going for with this piece, I hoped it would be a bit more legible with the words still visible to give a sense of the poem. 

I tried the technique again as layered up two separate pieces of fabric this time to give much more structure to the base so that hopefully the stitch would be more defined and strong. I also created much more horizontal lines with stitch to try to give even more structure and strength than before to hopefully avoid the same thing happening. 

The thread kept on getting jammed in the machine which meant that I had to stop stitching over the words at some points because a lot of thread had gathered at the back of the fabric.

This time there was slightly more definition in the words which was better than the previous attempt however in some areas there was still a loss of the sense of the words of the poem. I think this second technique was more successful than the first however I don’t think this will be a technique I carry on with for this project as the combination of the soluble fabric and the words didn’t turn out as I had hoped. This was a useful technique to experiment with though as it has enabled me to realise that there will be more suitable techniques for this particular concept. 


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