FMP journal 9

FMP reflective journal

Tuesday 28/03/17

Today I began by researching into language and meaning. I found a really interesting article called Language as a Social Construction written by Larain Reason. This was talking about how we have created language and we make the meaning of the words we use, and it is not a universal subject that has always been there. We learn language in a social context and so we learn patterns of thought associated with language related to the society we are in. This is the part I found most interesting. Each society has different patterns of thought and this reflects how the society constructs the language which we learn. Therefore the language we use reflect the social norms of the place we learnt it. As well as this it talks about how we fill in the gaps when reading any text with the dominant reading response, leading the audience to play a part in the meaning-making of the text. We never approach any text as a clean slate, instead we always come to a text with social and historical assumptions which influences how we view a text. Therefore we play a part in the meaning of the text and that meaning can be different for each person. 

This research really interested me into looking at language and writing in a way we wouldn’t always think of. It also made me inspired to work more abstractly since there is no universal meaning of language instead it is made by us and largely dependent on us, therefore if I create language/writing which is illegible, expressive and abstract (typically taking away the meaning) it can still be classed as writing because meaning is individual.

I really enjoyed this research and I think it will be highly useful in making my project have much more depth and context behind it.

We had our weekly meeting with Sarah and the rest of our tutor group where we all sat around and presented what we had done in the week as well as listening to everyone else’s projects. This was useful as I realised that some people had already done much more experimentation than me so this inspired me to jump into the arty side of the project more and get on with the creative work.

I then had a tutorial with Dan, presenting to him what I had done so far and speaking about idea of where I could go next. He gave me lots of useful tips and advise. When speaking about my contextual research into the article on language as a social construct he told me to research into Roland Barthes- The death of the author as this is a piece of text which speaks about how people interpret the work of others and the death of the author become the birth of the reader. He also said I couple possibly look at Jacques Lacan and how experience shapes interpretation. Other contextual links he gave me were Tracey Emin and her neon lights using handwriting and Jackson Pollock as this can help push the abstract side of my project as he uses a lot of mark making. Also he told me to look at Idris Kahn as he does a lot of layering which is something I want to experiment with.  This was really helpful as I now have even more artists to look at which will help to bulk up my research and give me lots of different techniques to work with. Dan also said I could experiment with cyanotypes as a technique which is something I’ve never tried before so I was keen to give it a try in this project. 

I am more becoming more confident with this project as I am starting to see the links between all of my ideas and this is helping to make my project flow much easier. I am also happy with the direction it is taking into a more abstract project as this is the type of work I enjoy creating the most. I now want to ensure that I focus my time more on creating things and actually producing art work for the project now that I have a lot of research to work from. I will experiment will many different techniques and medias to make sure that my project shows a wide range of skills and hopefully this will help me to realise which techniques I enjoy the most and want to use for my final outcome of the project.


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