FMP journal 10

FMP reflective journal

Wednesday 29/03/17

Today I started my work on asemic writing by presenting in my sketchbook a definition of what it is. 

I also presented a collection of artists who use asemic writing within their artwork as a way of showing my inspiration. 

I have decided to look into asemic writing because it is a form of writing which has no specific meaning or content, instead it is an abstract form of writing where the meaning is left for the reader to interpret themselves. This means that it can have meaning to anyone regardless of their origin as it is an individual meaning and linking to my research into language as a social construct the reader becomes the co-creator of the work and part of the making of the meaning. I think this research will be really essential in moving my project in a more abstract direction. 

I then started creating the cyanotypes that Dan advised me to. 

Using tracing paper I wrote out the same poem which I previously used in my work in big expressive writing but layering up the writing on top of each other to give it a more abstract effect.

Again using tracing paper this time I wrote out the poem much smaller so that it all fit on the page and I then got two of my friends to write it again on top in their handwriting.

Using both pieces of text I experimented with different papers; cartridge and watercolour  and I also experimented by creating a cyanotype using one text then layering the other piece of text on top and repeating the process. This layering technique wasn’t very successful because the writing became extremely faded and the page just turned blue.

I also created two big pieces with both texts.

I found this technique really enjoyable as it was quite easy but I think the outcome was really effective. Through doing this technique you lose a sense of the writing which is what I wanted and it becomes more of a linear pattern. I think the watercolour paper worked best as the writing was much more bold on this surface. 


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