FMP journal 5

FMP reflective journal

Monday 20/03/17

Today I have been presenting my research in my sketchbook. I began by doing a couple of pages explaining and questioning why graffiti is seen to be so negative. I explained how I find graffiti to actually be something that can be quite powerful and a really expressive form of art. Just like any other form of art it is a form of colour and pattern that decorates/improves a surface and so long as it isn’t rude or offensive I don’t see why it can’t be accepted as ‘real’ art. 

I worked in quite an expressive way using watercolour and pastels on this page inspired by one of the photos I took to help to illustrate how it is a form of art.

I then presented my photos I took of the more ‘artistic’ graffiti in my sketchbook to compare to the previous ‘unacceptable’ form of graffiti. I explained that I am interested in what it is that makes this type of graffiti more acceptable. I came to the conclusion that the only real difference is that one uses writing which is interpreted as not very creative therefore associated with vandalism whereas the other doesn’t use writing and uses images and illustration instead therefore it’s ok because it’s art. 

This has lead me to realise that I want my project to focus on expressive writing as a positive and real form of art/pattern. Just because writing which isn’t necessarily legible but more abstract in nature is less popular/conventional than other forms of art doesn’t make it any less relevant or important. 

I now want my project to move away from looking at graffiti because this isn’t what I aim to focus on it was just a way of helping to kick start my research into writing within art. I now want my project to look deeper at writing, specifically handwriting and how it is an art form. I will do this by researching styles of handwriting as well as what influences this, and then move on to artists who use writing within art whether it’s abstract or not. 

I began looking into this by creating a word document asking people in the class to help with my primary research for my project. I asked everyone to pass the piece of paper around and repeat a senstence I had written at the top in their own natural handwriting. 

I found this really useful because using the same sentence throughout helped me to focus on how the style of the writing differed from person to person. The results proved interesting as everyone’s writing differed in some way. This has helped me to realise that writing is an art form because everyone’s style is different and handwriting is something that’s so personal and unique. I think this can be a way that people express themselves because they are representing themselves through their style of handwriting. 

I explained this in my sketchbook and how there are many things that can influence how someone writes which I will look into further. 

I am really happy with how my project is going so far as I think I have a wealth of research to incorporate into my project to give it a lot of depth. I also think my ideas are flowing quite well as each branch from my concept I come up with has linked in some way so far and I haven’t made any jumps from ideas. I think my research that I am now doing into the style of handwriting is becoming more relevant and useful than my previous research into graffiti because this will help me to go into the area of looking at writing as an abstract form of pattern through looking at styles and influences. I also think a positive of looking into handwriting is that it will be able to lead me to researching into a range of areas therefore giving my project lots of depth. 

I now plan to analyse the primary research by looking at the different styles of peoples handwriting and elements that people use in their writing. I am also going to repeat a similar process with my family in order to look at how age can influence handwriting style.


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