FMP journal 4 

FMP reflective journal

Wednesday 15/03/17

Today I continued some of my initial research into my project by looking for more in depth articles online that could influence my ideas. I decided to do this after Dan advised me of some more conceptual areas I could look into related to language and writing. I found a couple of articles which really interested me and I thought would be useful within my project. One was about how language is a social construction in order to help society communicate and the other was about the significance of language as a tool of communication and how important it is within society and culture. Both of these were really insightful and I thought would be a good link to something with a bit more of a deeper meaning within my project about writing. I printed both off and will use them as secondary research for my project when I decide they fit in.

Thursday 16/03/17

Today I went and took photos of some more graffiti in another area of Lincoln, but this time it was much more artistic. 

I did this to see how different types of graffiti are seen differently by the public. This type of graffiti is considered to be much more positive and acceptable than the graffiti I previously looked at which contains a form of writing and communication of ideas. However it interests me as to why they are considered so differently and why graffiti that uses expressive forms of writing are associated with such negative connotations when it is just as much a form of art and expression as anything else. 

Friday 17/03/17 and Saturday 18/03/17

I have been continuing my research by collecting images that inspire me and artists I would like to include in my project on my Pinterest. I find this a really useful way of exploring ideas and areas for my projects because there is such a wide source of useful artwork. Continuing to look at this every day has helped my thoughts for my project to be ongoing and grow, therefore it is something I will continue all throughout my project even when my research is done.

Action Plan

Next week I want to finalise all of my primary research and present all of this in my sketchbook, which will then help lead to my secondary research expanding my project and concept even more. 


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