FMP journal 3

FMP reflective journal

Tuesday 14/03/17

Today I began by doing a mind map in my sketchbook in order to brainstorm all the ideas I have had about areas I could research into within my theme of writing as a form of art. This helped me to realise which areas I thought would be most interesting and which would be best for my project to develop.

I then wrote out a plan of where I want to go with my project and how I want it to flow. I did this to try and link all of the ideas I have together to make sure that my project doesn’t just jump from each area and to help me to decide which area I want to begin my project with. I made a list starting with the area I will research into first then linking in which artists will help this research and then deciding which area this will lead me to look into next. This really helped me to get my project clear in my head as well as to organise how I want my project to flow. It was only a brief list so that I knew what order to look at things as I didn’t want to write in too much detail what my plan was, as this wouldn’t allow my project to take any natural progression and wouldn’t allow me to change my ideas. I then transferred this plan onto my project action plan and timetable sheet where I planned out what I would focus on each week and what area I would research in to, as well as how this would influence my actual artwork and tried to plan the sorts of materials and resources I would need in order to complete each area of research.  I found this incredibly useful because even though I may not necessarily stick exactly to the plan for each week it has given me an idea of the time I can spend on each area.

I have decided to begin with I will look at graffiti as a way in which writing is used within art. I went out and took some primary photos of graffiti around Lincoln and stuck them in my sketchbook.

It interests me that graffiti often has negative connotations and is seen as vandalism but it’s just a form of art that communicates a message so what is it that makes it so wrong? I also find it interesting how graffiti uses abstract shapes and symbols rather than traditional writing to communicate its message which is what I’d like to look at in my own work.

I also had a tutorial with Dan and Sarah which was very useful in helping me to broaden my ideas and give me some inspiration for more areas which I could look into such as political areas, and how language is a social contruct as well as artists to look at. I like the idea of looking into how language is a social construct and something we have learnt to interpret. This could link to my idea of looking at writing as just pattern and taking away the meaning of the words to give a more abstract element. 


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