FMP journal 2 

FMP reflective journal

Monday 13/03/17

Today I began by going over my final draft of my project proposal so that I could hand it to my tutors to look at. Sarah gave me some feedback to add in that others can comment on my journal blog posts to give extra feedback. 

I then started to fully write out what I want to concentrate on within me project to get my idea clearer in my head as well as help me to know where to start with my project. This really helped to make my ideas make more sense and to make links between my ideas. 

I also started to experiment with some mark making techniques using coloured felt pens to help me to be expressive. I collaged a few pieces together in my sketchbook in order to use for my title page in my book. I really liked this technique and think it was quite successful with the colour usage, so I think I will experiment more with this later in my project. 

I then sorted through some of the photos I have printed off for my initial research and inspiration, in order to give me an idea of the artists I will look at first to give my project some direction. I collaged some of these photos in my book to illustrate the paragraph that I wrote describing my initial ideas in order to make it clearer. This really helped me to feel more organised with my ideas as well as helping me to know which area I will start off with, therefore giving me more direction. 


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