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This post is well overdue and I am well aware that in my previous post I said I’d try to get at least one post done a month, which clearly never happened… Time has flown by and I can’t believe that I am now beginning my final major project of my foundation degree. There has now been two whole projects that I have completed but not written about on here, which is A LOT of work! In order to keep my blog up to date I have decided to just include all of the work I did within the two projects in two big posts. This means I wont be able to write in detail about all the work, however prepare for many many photos…

The title of this post may seem a bit strange but don’t worry it’s just the first project I did titled ‘Load Of Balls’.


‘Load Of Balls’ title page and brainstorming ideas

I always like to kick-start my projects by looking for inspiration on certain themes on sites like Pinterest and creating mood boards/collages of ideas.

Firstly I took some photos for my primary research of any spherical/circular objects I could find in my house.


Some more photos I took looking at circular elements in nature. I worked from one of the photos using brightly colored inks.


Experimentation with sewing techniques and fashion

This was my first introduction to the sewing machines at college, and I was shown a few new techniques including shirring with elastic thread. I really liked this technique because it could make some interesting circular patterns and 3D effects in the fabric.


Experimentation with 3D materials


Dawn Dupree- textiles artist who uses print and collage

My artists research inspired me to work on my own print and collage work which I previously wrote a blog post on.

I decided to start focusing my project on fruit as this is a natural form and a lot of the time fruit are ‘ball’ shaped. I was also interested in looking at the patterns and colours found within the inside of fruit when cut in half. So I took a collection of photos of different fruits to look more closely into this theme.

I then worked from these photos using a range of mediums such as watercolour, ink, pencil, and also stitch on fabric. This was in order to look more closely at the patterns and colours.


I then photocopied some of my drawings multiple times and layered them to experiment with repeat patterns.

Another artist research page and working in the same style.


Looking more at patterns extracted from kiwi, passion fruit and dragon fruit using inks.



I then used a website called Prinfab to scan in my designs and send them off to be printed onto fabric. This helped me to get and idea of scale and practise with different repeat pattern designs.

Artist research which I worked from in ink and charcoal. I then photocopied this and used part of it to experiment by stitching into the drawing to add in more detail.

I experimented by using the physical fruit (grapefruit and kiwi) to print with to see what the effect of this would be. I then experimented by working on top of these using stitch and monoprint.

To experiment further I scanned in the fruit prints and changed the colours to create lots of bright versions. I then layered all of the coloured versions on top of each other to create these patterns. Again I sent these off to Prinfab to create big fabric pieces.

Experimenting with 3D shapes and fabric.

For my final piece I wanted to combine two of the designs I had previously created when working from my fruit photography. I wanted the colours from the dragon fruit design and the linear pattern from the kiwi design, so I drew a new design to combine the two. I then put the design into Prinfab with a repeat pattern. I also wanted to incorporate a 3D element to my fabric like I had previously looked at using a layer of organza and creating balls in the fabric.


My final piece.


More up close details of my final piece.

Overall I was happy with how the project went and although there were a few things I would’ve changed to my final piece I think I learnt a lot of new techniques and processes within this project.

This project also helped me to realise that I would like to focus my practise more on textiles, which has ended up being the course I have applied for at university. I made sure within this project that I experimented with a lot of textiles techniques in order to widen my knowledge and ability as well as help to expand my portfolio.

Thanks for reading, and the next post will be on my second project ‘Grids’.



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