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Although so far, this is only my second post on this blog, it has taken me ages to get around to doing it. I think I may have slightly underestimated the work load I would be expected to do for my foundation degree, as well as how long things would take. Thinking creatively and coming up with new ideas is something I have always loved and been something that kind of comes naturally to me, however its still something that I can get out of practise with and it can be tough to get back into. My life’s been pretty hectic recently and time management hasn’t been a strength of mine. However I am determined to get back into the swing of things, and make writing blog posts part of my routine, I am going to aim for at least one post a month from now on.

Anyway, on to the actual blog post regarding some of the work I have done recently. At college we took part in a printing exercise to get us being expressive, and not caring too much about being neat. I love being expressive with my artwork, and actually its something that I find a lot easier than creating something very neat and accurate. I much prefer viewing abstract art with strong, energetic brushstrokes and marks so I have made this part of my own practise as it is something I feel a lot more passionate about. Therefore I found this exercise extremely enjoyable, because it was encouraged that we let loose and create something that includes abstract patterns. For the printing we had to bring in any found objects that were circular/spherical, as this is what our upcoming project would based

We were instructed to produce lots of printed surfaces to later collage together for one final piece. I used a range of surfaces including newspaper, tissue paper, calico fabric, coloured paper and even tin foil. Something I have always considered an integral part to my artwork is that it includes captivating textures, so that people feel drawn to touching and feeling the work, as this is something I personally love doing. Another thing I always want to be present in my work is striking colour. This is so important to me since I intend my work to be bold and abstract, so colour is something that is a key part for me. Therefore I was determined my print work would include lots of colour and texture. We printed using a range of acrylic paints with the circular found objects, creating interesting patterns.image3sketchbook-2

I decided to use a colour scheme of bright pinks and yellows, with details in black and blue. Firstly I prepared the surface by either using a palette knife or a big brush to give a background for my prints to be applied to. I used objects such as bottle tops, plastic cups , bubble wrap and small pennies to print with, layering big circles with smaller ones and adding some intriguing patterns to the paper.


I loved doing this and I feel that colour and texture is a strength of mine, which I think I improved at during the session. Once all of the pieces I created were collaged together I think all of the prints really worked well together and the artwork as a whole was successful. I think the print has a kind of space-age feel to it with the bright, neon colours and tin foil next to more detailed and energetic circular prints in bold black paint.


Things got quite messy at college on print day…


The final outcome

Overall I loved doing the prints, and the final outcome is something I am quite proud of as I think it is something I could include in my portfolio. I think this type of print is something that would be perfect for use in bold fashion pieces or even within interior design to add interest and an abstract artistic element. This is something I think I will try a lot more of within not only my projects but also my personal artwork.


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